• Be the Hero of Your Career

    How to Take Control of Your Construction Management Career Socializing with associates from the industry, one of them was scrolling through social media and burst out a mutual acquaintance’s name and commented, “He always lands on his feet.” Learning […]

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  • The Estimating and/or Preconstruction Management Career Path – What is a Day in the Life?

    Estimating and Preconstruction Titles They are often used in crossover, yet someone can work in preconstruction and not ever have prepared a detailed estimate before. Where did the crossover come in? The crossover came in when the majority of [...]
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  • The Leader of the Pack – From Super Superintendent to Field Operations

    Transitioning From Project Superintendent to Corporate General Superintendent In our ”Super Superintendent“ post last week, we noted that the best traits of a lead project superintendent include taking ownership of jobsites by interacting daily with project team members and sub-contractors. […]

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  • The Top 3 Traits of the Perfect Construction Project Manager

    Although there is no such thing as perfect, there are traits I could hit the repeat button with that we hear over and over again from hiring managers seeking to add project management staff. These top three encompass other […]

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  • Three Steps Toward Career Success

    Overcoming Career Obstacles in Construction Management Have you walked down a sidewalk, and the next thing you know, you are redirected to step through scaffolding? You look down the path yet can’t tell what awaits at the other end. […]

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  • Things Every Construction Manager Needs and Five Of Them That Take Careers to the Next Level – Part 2

    Importance of Humor and Play in Construction Management Spending time with my five-year-old granddaughter, I laughed at her jokes, including one she came up with all by herself. She asked, “How do I know my stuffed animals are not […]

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  • Things Every Construction Manager Needs and Five Of Them That Take Careers to the Next Level – Part 1

    Balancing Basic Human Needs and Career Aspirations in Construction Reading a well-explained online study on basic human needs and how to not only fulfill them but also do it in a sustainable, healthy way got me thinking about how […]

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  • The Days You Want to Hang Up Your Hat

    The expression or idiom “to hang up (one’s) hat” means to retire or cease working or performing some task or duty that one has done for a long time. When it comes to your career, if you don’t have […]

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  • The Test of Time

    This past weekend, some friends and I took our first Brightline ride together from Boca to Miami to meet up with my husband for the weekend. Brightline was great, and the people who work there were super friendly and […]

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  • How Do You Make Career Decisions?

    While hurricane season in Florida doesn’t start until June—and is usually the time we can expect daily heavy rain showers—this year, South Florida experienced April showers that far exceeded our worst afternoons of the season, with the skies opening […]

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  • Open During Construction

    While taking my usual route to work last week, when approaching the Wendy’s before the turn to my office, I noticed a big red sign: “Open During Construction.” Looking over at the restaurant, a full construction jobsite had been […]

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  • Dying to Work

    This is one of those moments captured on a jobsite that, at least for me, aside from a chuckle, gives appreciation for the trades and what they have to do to put work in place. I got to thinking […]

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