• The Test of Time

    This past weekend, some friends and I took our first Brightline ride together from Boca to Miami to meet up with my husband for the weekend. Brightline was great, and the people who work there were super friendly and […]

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  • How Do You Make Career Decisions?

    While hurricane season in Florida doesn’t start until June—and is usually the time we can expect daily heavy rain showers—this year, South Florida experienced April showers that far exceeded our worst afternoons of the season, with the skies opening […]

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  • Open During Construction

    While taking my usual route to work last week, when approaching the Wendy’s before the turn to my office, I noticed a big red sign: “Open During Construction.” Looking over at the restaurant, a full construction jobsite had been […]

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  • Dying to Work

    This is one of those moments captured on a jobsite that, at least for me, aside from a chuckle, gives appreciation for the trades and what they have to do to put work in place. I got to thinking […]

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  • TikTok Truth When It Comes to Your Career

    TikTok, owned by a Beijing, China, company called ByteDance, is filled with people sharing stories about their employment woes. We first heard about Quiet Quitting, a topic I addressed for Labor Day last year. Now a term has appeared […]

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  • New Year Prospective and Perspective

    This is the time of year many of us are looking back at last year long enough to look at adjustments in the new year with the intention of more favorable results. Recapping helps us gain perspective on what […]

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  • Gifting Toward Your Career This Holiday Season

    This month I posted on LinkedIn the start of the next semester of online classes for AGC. Every day in the construction workplace is an opportunity to learn on the job, which is one of the many reasons construction […]

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  • How’s Adulting Going for You?

    Thanksgiving this year, by design, was a quiet time of mealtimes, movies, and conversation. During conversation, my daughter mentioned that her now full adulting was sure not what it appeared to be from a young adult, high school, and […]

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  • Responsibility as It Relates to Monetary Gain in the Workplace

    The other morning on one of the news feeds I was reading, a person wrote in for help because their employer was moving them to a new position that offered more responsibility and complexity yet did not come with […]

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  • Defining Growth for Your Career

    Sixth on Indeed’s list of common reasons employees leave their job is “search for job growth and career advancement.” The author took the position of growth to refer to the resources offered by an employer for continuing education, including […]

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  • Not Feeling Challenged?

    The words of a marriage vow may or may not be familiar to you. (I, ______, take you, ______, to be my (husband/wife), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for […]

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  • Humble Confidence at Any Stage in Your Career

    This week we facilitated a class at FIU where we coached Construction Management and Engineering students on how to prepare their best selves when entering the workforce and taking the next step in their careers.  Specifically we discussed ‘humble […]

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