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The origin of the quote, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” Read more
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Reflecting this week upon the recent changes to daily life,  my thoughts turned to how life in general is perpetually Read more
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I am progressing through the second season of The Good Place, a Netflix comedy series about a lady named Eleanor Read more
Recently I have been monitoring the Nextdoor App and the comments written by my neighbors regarding their response to the Read more
Last Friday, we participated in the webinar from Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) regarding the virus.  If you missed Read more
Resources: Opening Up America Guidelines Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) COVID-19 Webinar: Topics include Labor Law, Contractual Law, Read more
Last Monday night, Tucker Carlson invited Former FEMA Chief Brock Long onto his television show to discuss the Federal Government’s Read more
We socialized with friends who do not work in the Construction Industry, but instead for companies that employ hundreds of Read more
Did you ever see Mel Gibson’s movie “What Women Want” from 2012 or the film “What Men Want” from 2019, Read more
An online business community learning platform known as Udemy, reports the top eight soft skills recommended for success in business Read more
February is the month for the Construction Angels Gala.  Construction Angels is a loving non-profit who’s directors are on call Read more
Photo By: The White House from Washington, DC - State of the Union 2020, Public Domain
This week, President Trump delivered his third State of the Union address.  Currently, social media is abuzz with various opinions Read more
It’s the time of year when calls are pouring in to request our annual compensation survey. One of the biggest trends Read more
John Maxwell’s recent “Minute with Maxwell” was titled “ Grow Through Life”, wherein he teaches that some people go through Read more
The 2020 AGC/Sage Construction outlook survey just came out.  I attended the webinar in which they confirmed over 900 companies Read more
Most of the time when setting resolutions for the New Year, we automatically set health and fitness goals like losing Read more
2020 is here! Most people in the construction industry don’t want to look back a decade to 2010. The recession Read more
If you search Amazon books for “team building”, you will receive over 47,000 results.  Is this really so complicated a subject that Read more
At times, our company can be strenuously challenged with projects like preparing for tradeshows, moving employee offices, planning a company Read more