What is a Construction Career Matchmaker?

An advocate for both employer and employee mediating the search, interview and onboarding process.

How do Career Matchmakers work?

  • Career matchmaking companies succeed with excellent communication and the building of long-lasting business relationships.
  • Career Matchmakers develop professional relationships with both the candidate and the client.
  • Career Matchmakers ask a lot of questions and listen closely to the responses. They understand needs, wants, culture and the wish lists from both the employer and the employee side.
  • Career Matchmakers work with you to gather the back-up to the talk including resume, references, project list and sometimes assessment, background, or other skill verification to help present you for success.
  • Career Matchmakers help you understand the process, timing and industry options.
  • Career Matchmakers understand that work has to balance with your home relationships and responsibilities.
  • FLCC, Inc. Career Matchmakers Care and want you to succeed and find the right employer and employee match.



Career Matchmakers